Free Daily Lenses

Waldo is offering a FREE trial of contact lenses! You’ll be sent your FREE trial of their daily lenses within 48 hours of placing your order with just a small £2.95 P&P fee. If you enter the code LFSWLADO5 at checkout, you’ll also receive £5 off your first order if you decide to continue with a subscription.

Waldo provides the most flexible lens plan available, allowing you to tailor your delivery dates and frequency online, making daily contact lenses affordable, flexible and easy on the eye!

Click ‘GET FREEBIE’ and then ‘START YOUR FREE TRIAL’ to try out these comfortable and high-quality lenses. Then fill in details about your prescription, as well as your contact details, to claim! Just use the code LFS5WLADO3 to get your first month £5 off after your free trial if you decide to continue.

We know you’re going to love these lenses, with optimum moisture and UV protection, and the fantastic Waldo service. Pass on to any friends or family who are contact lenses wearers so they can try out these lenses for FREE too!