Free Bold Frosted Rose Wonderland Laundry Gel

Hurry! SuperSavvyme is giving away 50 amazing P&G product bundles containing 1 of each of the following products;

  • Bold Frosted Rose Wonderland Liquid 55 washes 1925ml

  • Bold Platinum Frosted Rose Wonderland Pods 34 washes

  • Lenor Scent Booster Frosted Rose Wonderland 176g

  • Lenor Frosted Rose Wonderland Fabric Conditioner 50 washes

To apply for your free laundry products, simply hurry over to their website, sign up then complete the online form with your name, address and contact number. The fragrance is inspired by the warm, floral notes of rose & white flowers whilst hints of apple & citrus bring a fresh, fruity tone.

Freebie expires: 27th November 2023.