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Maltesers Giveaway – Be Quick! This one is for the chocolate lovers…Vaniki have 100 boxes of Maltesers to give away! Enter today, for a chance to enjoy a box yourself!

15 Responses to Maltesers Giveaway

  1. Elijah Lewis says:


  2. AnnSmith says:

    Love. Sucking chocolate of in my mout

  3. Zarina Capewell says:

    My 2 year old son loves loves loves maltesers! Brought his Dad a box for valentines day this year, he pinched then off his Dad when he opened them and woudnt let him eat any. Had to buy his Dad another box and hide them.

  4. Jayme Leigh says:

    You can never beat eating these while watching a film I love them.

  5. Mikey heseltine says:


  6. Mikey heseltine says:


  7. Mikey heseltine says:

    Mmmm yes

  8. Andrew turner says:

    My 8 year old loves the chocolate my carnt keep hands off them while in the fridge

  9. sophie says:

    Hello this looks so good I love letting them melt in my mouth and they are perfect for gifts

  10. sophie says:

    Love them

  11. Marc Frettsome says:

    Super fantastic melt in the mouth

  12. Helen Phillips says:

    Lovely freebie

  13. Annette says:

    Sweet as………

  14. Momina says:

    Love this chocolate since childhood all advert have always tempted me to get more

  15. laura newton says:

    Love love love theses so does my daughter for a wee treat you can always find a box in my house #chocolatemonster lol

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